Restaurant Dry-aging chambers are a menu game-changer *

Food connoisseurs and meat foodies want to experience a perfectly dry-aged steak that will look, feel and taste incredible. However, most restaurants order their dry-aged meat already prepared or age their meat in a dedicated back room for meat. However, the difference of using a full dry-aging chamber system can set restaurants apart from the competition.


Give your customers a front row seat

Adding a dry-aging chamber to a restaurant is a game-changer for business. It allows customers to see an exclusive “behind-the-scenes” process of how dry-aging works. By giving customers a front-row seat to the process, operators can provide them a level of service they don’t get to experience at most other restaurants or butcheries.


Choose the right dry-aging chamber

Dry-aging meat isn’t as easy as putting it in the refrigerator for a bit and calling it “aged beef.” In order to age meat properly and safely, kitchen workers have to follow a certain process and have the right tools to do it. When it comes to choosing the right dry-aging chamber, it’s important to choose one with the right features. Dry-aging meat requires a specific climate, which is why restaurants need a climate-controlled chamber that is built specifically to dry-aged meat.


Temperature, humidity, ventilation

The right chamber will have precise, electronic temperature control and a good ventilation system to help properly age the steak. With a great dry-aging chamber with the right features, operators can create a rich, flavorful steak that keeps customers coming back for more.

Without the right equipment, restaurants risk producing poor results. The Aging Room Chamber uses precise climate control equipment to create an aging-friendly, natural microclimate for dry-age steaks.


The Aging Room difference

The Aging Room Chamber is built with advanced technology to maintain the correct environment for aging of beef. It uses precise climate control equipment to create an aging-friendly, natural microclimate for dry-age steaks.

While the advanced technology behind The Aging Room enhances the flavor and the quality of the steak to keep customers coming back for more, the presentation is what entices them to step into a restaurant in the first place. With a lit backdrop like Himalayan salt boards, it will surely catch customers’ eyes.

This salt is also not only for presentation, but it plays a crucial role in the ripening process. It kills off bacteria naturally, eliminating the need for any chemicals or UV lights. It also enriches the microclimate, giving the meat a unique, rich flavor. The salt prevents the meat from forming a thick, black crust, which reduces the amount of meat lost and entices customers with a more edible and fresh-looking meat choice.

The Aging Room Chamber is a striking and functional addition to any restaurant. In fact, it can be used in restaurants, butcher shops and other retail locations. While some customers may be wary of dry-aged beef because of its thick, dark crust, creating a beautiful atmosphere with a stunning display can encourage them to branch out and try new things.

Premium products such as The Aging Room chamber attract premium customers, generating more revenue for restaurants. Learn more about The Aging Room Chamber and how it can benefit today!.

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