3 ways to elevate beverage service

In a post-lockdown restaurant industry, with dining rooms reopening and consumers venturing back out, it will be as important as ever for restaurant operators to provide a top-tier experience for their customers. Many restaurants have streamlined their menus, introduced new specialties as a way to attract diners back to the dining room, revamped the decor and updated sanitation practices to ensure total safety. One area that operators may not think of when updating and upgrading the dining experience is drink service, however. By elevating beverage service, diners’ overall experience can get a boost—and employees benefit too. Here are three ways to elevate any beverage service.


Expand your offerings

Classic cocktails and specialty drinks have been on the upswing for several years now, but increasingly, sober-curious diners are on the lookout for unique and interesting things to drink that are low- or no-alcohol. Additionally, many consumers are interested in purchasing beverages as a snack, and more diners are curious about beverages that offer additional health benefits—according to Technomic’s recent Beverage Consumer Trend Report, nearly one in five consumers say they would pay more for beverages with stress-relieving attributes, and that number jumps to 25% among Gen Z and Millennial consumers.

For operators, considering new types of drinks to offer can be a great way to elevate drink service and appeal to more consumers—creative formats, trending flavors, health benefits and more are all things operators should consider.


Update your glassware

Another way operators can elevate their beverage service is to upgrade glassware. Heavier wine glasses have often been thought to be the best budget option as they can be strong, however thick glass doesn’t offer an elegant feel when customers are holding their drinks. Thinner glassware is an alternative, however many operators opt not to go this route for fear of an increase in glasses breaking or needing to be hand-washed due to how delicate they are. Thankfully, though, there’s a solution. Glassware from Arc Cardinal’s Krysta line offers an upscale feel, with a sheer rim perfect for a high-end sipping experience. They are also strong enough to withstand industrial dishwashers and remain crystal clear even after thousands of wash cycles. By choosing glassware that looks upscale and, more importantly, feels good for the customer to hold in their hand, operators can feel confident that their beverage service delivers.


Choose durability to ease staff stress

Of course, upgraded glassware can also help staff. Previously, glassware that offered a high-end feel was too delicate to be put through a dishwasher, meaning staff would have to hand-wash each one—a time consuming task that can lead to backup and not having enough glasses during a rush.

By choosing glasses such as Krysta glassware, operators can give their employees a bit of a break—these glasses can stand up to industrial dishwashers and withstand breakage, without sacrificing looks or feel. Saving time and labor while offering customers a great experience—what’s not to love?

To learn more about Krysta glassware and other tableware options from Arc Cardinal, click here.

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