Ode to Sugar on Snow | Maple Syrup on Snow Recipe

Ode to Sugar on Snow | Maple Syrup on Snow Recipe – New England Today

A 1939 issue of Yankee offered up advice for hosting a neighborhood sugaring-off party at the end of the run of sap. Along with recipes for maple butternut fudge and “maple sauce for ice cream,” we included instructions for making maple syrup on snow candy, also referred to as “maple wax.”

If you’ve never tried maple syrup on snow candy (also known as “sugar on snow” or “maple syrup taffy”) or it’s been awhile, this winter is the perfect time to make a batch. Kids in particular love this novelty winter treat.

Sugar on Snow | Maple Syrup on Snow Recipe

Sugar on snow being made.

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1. Have ready a pan of hard packed snow ready. A pie pan or dish works well here. Keep the pan outside to keep cold while you prepare the syrup.

2.  Boil 1/2 cup of pure maple syrup until it reaches 235°F on a candy thermometer (the soft-ball stage).

3.  Remove the syrup from the heat and immediate drizzle it over the packed snow. Be careful — the syrup will be very hot. Allow it to cool for a moment, and then enjoy!

In that same 1939 issue of Yankee, we advised serving doughnuts and pickles with the maple syrup on snow candy, advising “the doughnuts may be used for dunking, and the pickles are eaten to overcome the sweet taste so that one may begin all over again.”

Have you ever tried maple syrup on snow?


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This post was first published in 2016 and has been updated. 

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