How to Save Labor Without Sacrificing Variety

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The challenges of 2020 have forced many operators, both commercial and noncommercial, to reevaluate their menus and trim the offerings down to mostly customer favorites. Sourcing foods that travel well and are versatile across dayparts and menu parts has become critical to success. 

For these operators under pressure, it can be tricky to determine which menu items should stay and which should go. But one thing’s for sure: high-quality breaded chicken is a tried-and-true favorite that should always have a place on the menu. From appetizers and salads, to entrées and more, breaded chicken can be easily featured in an array of delicious dishes without excessive labor. 

Chicken is consumers’ top protein choice, with 70% saying they eat it at home or at a foodservice location at least once a week—more than beef, turkey, pork, seafood and vegetarian proteins.1 Additionally, 38% say they prefer breaded chicken over other preparation styles.1 Bottom line? For crowd-pleasing menu options that don’t stress out the kitchen staff, breaded chicken is hard to beat. 

Easy back-of-house prep

Keeping things running smoothly in the back of the house has always been a primary concern among operators, but never so much as during this year’s pandemic. The ability to prep a number of dishes in a short amount of time—such as during a rush of takeout orders—can be a huge benefit. 

Operators often choose uncooked breaded or fully cooked breaded chicken for their menus because they know the timesaving opportunities these products bring. Tyson Red Label® Sweet Classic Chicken is a great example, combining on-trend flavor with back-of-house prep efficiencies. Operators can simply heat up to temp, and it’s ready to use in everything from appetizers to entrées. 

Endless possibilities

With a versatile breaded chicken offering such as Tyson Red Label® Sweet Classic Chicken, meal planning is easy. It features a savory-sweet flavor profile and lighter breading than traditional breaded chicken, making it an ideal choice for just about any meal on the menu. From the ever-popular chicken sandwich to barbecue chicken quesadillas, crispy chicken Caesar salads, chicken tacos, chicken parmesan and more, operators have an array of options to consider. Breaded chicken is also perfect for crafting unique globally inspired dishes, which remain hugely popular among diners. 

Great forms and flavors

Sourcing high-quality proteins doesn’t have to be difficult. Tyson Red Label® Sweet Classic Chicken is available in uncooked or fully cooked breaded whole muscle filets, tenders and nuggets, delivering all the juicy flavor consumers love. These offerings provide the perfect canvas for sauce exploration as well. Think barbecue or Buffalo for diners who want something familiar, honey or maple syrup for savory-sweet flavor fans or red curry or hoisin for more adventurous eaters. 

Making the most of every offering

When choosing which items to leave on the menu, operators must weigh their customers’ taste preferences with operational factors such as the growing incidence of takeout and delivery orders. Breaded chicken is an ever-popular protein choice that addresses these concerns—providing outstanding variety, easy prep and great flavor. 

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