Boost fried chicken sandwich sales with trending flavors

In terms of continued relevance, the fried chicken sandwich is hard to beat. Bon Appétit declared the “golden age of the fried chicken sandwich”in 2016, and headline-making LTOs have beckoned clamoring audiences ever since. Each new iteration of the decades-old concept seems to produce a gateway to skyrocketing sales, and eateries of all varieties have taken notice: According to Technomic’s Q3 2020 New Item Trends report, chicken sandwiches rank fourth among the most popular entrees recently added to menus nationwide.

Even as the pandemic has shaken the landscape of commercial and noncommercial foodservice alike, demand has remained strong. Chicken is by far the most most popular protein used in sandwiches, according to Ignite menu data, and consumption continues to increase: Technomic’s June 2020 Consumer Food Trends report found that 57% of consumers order a chicken breast sandwich at a foodservice establishment at least once per month, signifying a 5% increase from 2018.

So, what’s next for the fried chicken sandwich?

According to Ignite menu data, sweet flavors rank among the top five flavors paired with fried chicken on menus nationwide, and they are among the country’s fastest-growing sauce flavors for fried chicken, too—flavors including sweet and sour, honey barbecue and sweet chili. For operators looking to leverage the next big thing in chicken sandwiches, the trend toward savory-sweet options is one to keep an eye on.

Tyson Red Label® Sweet Classic Chicken brings all the quality and craveable flavor operators need to keep customers coming back. With a light breading and balanced savory-sweet flavor, Sweet Classic filets, tenders and nuggets are just as delicious served solo with a side of fries as they are customized with a signature sauce. Uncooked and fully-cooked breaded varieties guarantee easier prep in the oven or fryer to keep up with chicken sandwich-craving crowds.

The fried chicken sandwich already boasts a loyal base of consumers, and trending flavors only sweeten the deal. To learn more about how Tyson’s Sweet Classic line can help operators make their chicken sandwich offering a success, click here.

This post is sponsored by Tyson Foodservice

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